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Unlocking Your Dreams- Personal Interpretation Report

Unlocking Your Dreams- Personal Interpretation Report

Ever wonder what your dream means? Did you know that God uses dreams as one of His many ways to communicate with us (Job 33:5)? Unlocking Your Dreams- Personal Interpretation Report is a comprehensive interpretation that assses themes, symbols and patterns that have been prayerfully considered and presented for consideration. A final summary is beautifully presented to you in digital format for your use. This report is put together intentionally listening and responding to Holy Spirit- to whom all interpretation belongs (Genesis 40:8). 


How does the process work?


After payment is received. You will be sent an email address that you can submit the dream you would like to be interpreted along with the date you had the dream (or recurring dates).


How long does it take to receive the report?


5-7 business days depending on the length and subject material of the dream.


 What this is not-


This is NOT a complete directive. "We know in part and see in part" (1 Corinthians 13:9). This report is a place for you to receive direction and clarity with the Lord. Ultimately, the content of what is interpreted should be filtered and tested through your relationship with Holy Spirit. 


Why trust this?


I have spent years studying dreams from a biblical and scriptural standpoint.  I have been trained in courses supplied by Shawn Bolz, James Goll, Troy Brewer- to name a few. I have been interpreting my own dreams as well as those in close community with me for years. Recently, I graduated second year at Bethel Supernatural School of Ministry which gave me a multitude of opportunities to provide interpretation for people across the world. At this point, my track record in accuracy speaks to the gift that God has blessed.  I believe that the world is in need of the AUTHENTIC rather than counterfeit approaches to what God provides and this project is my opportunity to share the Lord with you in one of these such areas.


Are there refunds?


No.  The amount of time and intentionality with each report is extensive and valuable.

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